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International Society of Women Airline Pilots

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Renaissance Las Vegas pool
Renaissance Las Vegas pool view
Renaissance Las Vegas King room


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SAVE THE DATE: April 24-26, 2018
We had our 20th and our first ISA+21 conferences in Vegas

Hotel Booking Link:
Hotel Link

 The amenities fee will come off on checkout,
but double check your bill!

  Our details are finalized for our 40th annual conference,
and it is shaping up to be one of our best!

Our primary scholarship fundraiser, the silent auction, is taking off with:

Airline tickets
Signed "Come From Away" posters and memorabilia
Australian kangaroos
(To jump-start our 2019 Sydney conference hosted by Qantas Airlines)

Think about what you want to donate and bid on! Read the newsletter for more details.

Women in Aviation is recognizing our 40th by honoring ISA+21 founders and members March 24, 2018 at 9am at their 29th conference general session in Reno. ISA booth volunteers are welcome to attend this Saturday morning presentation.

Texas Woman's University is showcasing our group and taking our ISA+21 archive collection public just in time for our 40th anniversary. They will be looking for ISA+21 members to participate in their oral history project at the WAI conference this year, and Sandy Anderson will be recording your history at our conference in Las Vegas. Contact Sandy for more information:

Kara Hatsai is once again looking for volunteers at WAI:

“Hello fellow ISA members! It's that time of year again when we are looking for volunteers for the Women in Aviation conference. We are looking for members who can donate 2 hours for 2 days to help us meet and recruit new members at our booth. Volunteers are also needed to help with booth set up on Wednesday/Thursday morning and tear down on Saturday at 3pm.

The first 10 volunteers will have their badges covered by ISA. Any additional volunteers will have to pay $25 for an exhibitor badge unless you are already registered for the conference. Please let me know if you can volunteer NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 26TH. This is a firm date because I have to submit our volunteers to WAI by by February 26th. Respond to me via text 617-359-5237, email
, or Facebook post. After I have all the volunteers I will be sending out the sign up sheet for volunteer times. Thank you for helping out! Look forward to seeing you soon!” KaraHatzai

Click on the newsletter below for conference details:

Please contact a board member if you would like to help us make this 40th anniversary the best conference ever!

Renaissance Las Vegas  view

REMEMBER: QANTAS is sponsoring our 2019 conference in Australia!

The only time they could schedule it was May 7-9, 2019.
So we are going back to MAY for 2019 only!

Qantas proposal May 7

What great conferences we have had:



1978 Las Vegas, NV

1979 Miami, FL

1980 Denver, CO

1981 Cancun, Mexico

1982 Montego Bay, Jamaica

1983 Toronto, Canada

1984 Seattle, WA

1985 Sydney, Australia

1986 San Diego, CA

1987 Memphis, TN

1988 Rome, Italy

1989 Maui, HI

1990 Washington, D.C.

1991 Helsinki, Finland

1992 San Francisco, CA

1993 Atlanta, GA

1994 Vancouver, Canada

1995 Bangkok, Thailand

1996 Ft. Worth, TX

1997 Amsterdam, Holland

1998 20-Year Anniversary Las Vegas, NV

1999 Paphos, Cyprus

2000 San Jose, Costa Rica

2001 Anchorage, AK

2002 New Orleans, LA

2003 Zurich, Switzerland

2004 Phoenix, AZ

2005 Boston, MA

2006 Kona, HI

2007 Park City, UT

2008 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2009 Montreal, Canada

2010 St. Louis, MO

2011 Rome, Italy

2012 Seattle, WA

2013 Budapest, Hungary

2014 San Antonio, TX

2015 Berlin, Germany

2016 Newport Beach, CA
2017 Toronto, Ontario, Canada


25 Years of Conventions

by Carolyn Pasqualino (written for the Fall 2012 newsletter)


Why have I attended so many conventions

Easy! I have made friends with women from around the world. Friendships that will last a lifetime!


Did I mention I love adventure too?

And oh, the adventures we have had! Elephant riding in Thailand, jungle walks in Costa Rica, wonderful adventures all.


And oh, the memories! If you younger F/O’s will indulge an old

captain just a little longer, I would like to list them all, but I’ll condense them to one liners (if I can):


1988 Rome, meeting this marvelous group of accomplished women for the first time. Jump seating on a Pan Am 747 along with another United woman pilot. The captain had never had one woman pilot in his cockpit, let alone two!


1989 Maui, sharing a condo with five other United ladies. Does anything really need to be said about Hawaii!?


1990 Washington, D.C., dinner at the Saudi Embassy! Sitting on the floor in our cocktail dresses.


1991 Helsinki, first convention my husband attended. Cruising on a Russian tramp steamer to St. Petersburg.

Having creamed peas for dinner on the ship and again at breakfast the next morning!


1992 San Francisco, attending hilarious dinner theatre.


1993 Atlanta, getting inducted into the Captain’s Club with Emily Warner presenting my plaque.


1994 Vancouver, Alaska cruise with my parents for their 50th Anniversary.


1995 Bangkok, the above mentioned elephant ride plus rafting down a jungle river on a bamboo raft, as Nancy Novaes floated by, asking if I thought we’d still be having these adventures when we were old (yes!).


1996 Fort Worth, riding the mechanical bull at Billy Bob’s! DC-3 ride to Galveston.

Dinner at the Johnson Space Center with several astronauts.


1997 Amsterdam, Ah the tulips at Keukenhof Gardens! The wonderful evening at the aviation museum.


1998 Las Vegas, the 20th Anniversary! Largest convention ever with about 250 in attendance. Side trip to the Grand Canyon. Hiking down the canyon with Kathleen Malone. Wanting a mule to take me back up


1999 Cyprus, dinner and street dancing in a beautiful little Greek town.


2000 Costa Rica, flying my Debonair down there was a huge adventure as was having to land at a Mexican Air Force Base without permission on the way home, when we developed a huge oil leak! The volcanoes, the weekend at Torteguero National Park with the howler monkeys.


2001 Anchorage, my favorite layover destination. Once again, we flew our airplane there. Flying the Al-Can highway is a wonderful adventure.


2002 New Orleans, all still suffering shell-shock from the aftermath of 9-11. Beautiful hotel in the famous French Quarter and wonderful dinners at some of the city’s great restaurants.


2003 Zurich, the enormous beauty of Switzerland. Spent extra days there driving around the country, and had to stop at Liechtenstein. Took 20 minutes to drive the length of that country! Side trip to Zermatt, at the foot of the Matterhorn.


2004 Phoenix, outdoor dining and country dancing in the desert.


2005 Boston, harbor cruise & dinner. Walking the Freedom Trail with Kathleen Malone.


2006 Kona, ah Hawaii again! Beautiful sunset dinner with friends. Dolphins at the hotel, all-day big island tour.

Spending time on Kauai before the convention.


2007 Park City, Utah—Zip line and target shooting at Olympic Park.


2008 30th Anniversary, Ft. Lauderdale. Everglades Airboat Tour, Parrot Jungle Tour.


2009 Montreal, beautiful city, great side trip to Quebec City.

Bus broke down on way back to Montreal!


2010 St. Louis, first convention I ever drove to as it was only five hours from my house and easier than getting there on the airlines. Bones, Blue Owl and Boeing tour. Loaded up my Explorer with friends and drove south to the Cave Winery.


2011 Ah, Rome again! Left a week early for a train tour of Munich, Venice, & Florence with the husband. Tour of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel. Side trip to Pompeii and Sorrento. Didn’t want it to end!


2012 Seattle, another favorite city. Fabulous tour of Boeing. Seeing my cousin, a Boeing engineer, for the first time in about 20 years.


I’m planning on making the next 25 conventions—hope to see you there!

First ISA conference screenshot 1978